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We specialise in all aspects of business advice for small to medium sized businesses. Our practice offers wide range of business services


To obtain maximum profit, you need to ensure that you are fully aware of how much money you’re making and monitor your expenses. We will ensure by making implementing the relevant budgets to help you plan where you would like to be financially, give you relevant forecasts to show you how you are tracking against your goals.


The main objective is to keep IRD happy and as your partner we will deal with those lengthy forms and lodgments. We will take care of your tax returns and ensure that we will look for ways to minimize the tax you pay. Our team will guarantee we give you best tax advice custom made for your business.


New venture creations are always an exciting aspect; however, it can also be quiet overwhelming. Ensuring that you get tax right from the very start, you can save yourself from loads of hinderance and we are here to do all the paperwork there needs to be done. Let us do the logistics and setting your company up whist you get on with concentrating on your business from the word go.


With time, you may look at implementing new structures and style in your business. Therefore, in terms of logistics, your structures will impact a lot of aspects such as your legal risk to the amount of tax you pay. Our Experts will ensure they talk you through your options and make sure that you have got it completely spot on.


Goods and Services Tax returns is a painful process, but they need to be lodged. We are here to ensure that your GST returns are in process. Making sure that we get it right at the earliest and convenient time possible for you to be free from the hassle and focus on other important aspects of your business. Moreover, you can relax knowing it is all been done right and well before the due date.  


Perfect financial reports help you make clever professional decisions. We will supply you with in-depth monthly reports, financial statements and the best ratios to help you track your progress and do the highest and best analysis of the figures to use it as a great opportunity to grow your business further.


The time comes for expanding your business to another level. The financer (lenders) will use due diligence to check your financial shape. We are here to review your financials and the processes implemented in your business to give you your current status and how you are placed and what needs to be done to reach your potential growth.


Property market is an industry which is bound to make money and appreciate on any given day. Our specialized advice on your rental property will ensure that you get the best returns on your investment. We will look after your rents, ensuring keeping track of your incomes and expenses, advise you on which tax needs to be paid on what basis and keeping your tax to a minimum.

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